Wear Something That Accentuates Your Best Features

Harley's understands timeless style and quality sportswear; our customers have been recognized at every pool party and casual event for over 40 years.

Harley's will have you dressed in the most extensive sportswear collection around East Texas. We have everything from soft jackets, to shorts and T-shirts; we have it all!

Harley's also offers that tailored and clean look every man expects in fine clothing. We have three full time tailors who specialize in expert fittings, and this allows us to meet almost any deadline our customers have.

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Exclusive sportswear lines

At Harley's, we offer exclusive lines such as:

  • Stenstroms
  • Emanuel Berg
  • Eton
  • Gimos
  • Triluxe

At Harley's, our sportswear is incomparable in elegance, style, and selection, from color to pattern and tailored fit. With a combination of timeless and trendy styles, it's easy to spot a Harley's man.

Our collection of sports shirts, casual pants, outerwear, and more by top designers builds the refined wardrobe Harley's is known for. Customization is key, and Harley's in-house fittings will ensure that you have a tailored and polished look to fit you.