The newest addition to the Harley's collection reaches more apparel needs of our worldly customer base. Outfitters accommodates a more casual style, masculine yet still sophisticated for everyday occasions.

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Select men's casual wear in Tyler, TX

Want to find casual clothing that will still turn heads and highlight your best features? Harley's has a great selection of men's casual wear. You can sort through different options and put together an outfit that really shows off your best attributes. Look your best whether you're having lunch with friends or going to an after-work outing.

Come to our store in Tyler, TX today to shop for men's casual wear.

Leisure never looked so good

We have plenty of high-end casual clothing for you to try on. You can build a wardrobe of elegant men's casual wear so you're ready for any occasion, from parties to sporting events. This is our most casual division of the store, but it's still very high-end.

You can shop for:

  • Ralph Lauren
  • Faherty
  • Madison Creek
  • Martin Dingamn
  • Silverado

Our clothing is perfect for someone who wants a casual and masculine look while still having a flair of sophistication. Shop through our selection of high-end casual clothing today in Tyler, TX.